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The past few months, I've had several books published as comic books, or Japanese manga.  It's really a kick to see how the artists interpret my stories.  You read them right to left in a certain pattern. 

Want to try graphic novels?  To get more info, click on the covers and the link will take you to Amazon.com.


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Prim music teacher Erin Young is fed up with sharing a bedroom wall with her playboy neighbor Mick Armitage and he's tired of listening to the screeching of beginning violin students. But when a reality TV show gives them the opportunity to redecorate each other's apartment, will they reinforce the wall, or tear it down?







Harlequin Blaze

What happens on the road…

Zoey Archer has a long, glorious history of disaster. Financially, professionally…and, oh, yes, a junkyard full of romantic wreckage. All she wants is a chance to prove that she can be Absolutely Capable and Reliable Zoey. And if that means escorting her sister's high-maintenance purebred dog to the other side of the country, nothing can stop her. Except the weather. Fortunately, craft brewery owner Cameron MacNeil is just as desperate to get to Seattle as Zoey. But while her new travel companion seems like a gift from God, he's also one very hot distraction. And on a cross-country road trip with a blizzard raging outside, there are very few places to hide from the storm…     amazon_kindlebnlink to nookibooksgoogle_playkoboharlequin