USA Today bestselling author Heather MacAllister is a former music teacher who attracted her high school sweetheart and future husband by following the instructions in How to Get a Teen-Age Boy, and What to Do with Him When You Get Him by Ellen Peck. Ellen’s advice was to show an interest in his hobby, which was ham radio. This lead to a bet—if Heather learned Morse code and passed the license exam, he would take her to the senior prom. Thus motivated, she passed the test and the license arrived in the mail the same day as the prom.

Heather became addicted to romance novels in college yet still managed to graduate and become a music teacher. She might still be teaching strings and class piano except nine of her son’s baby-sitters quit in seven months. Taking pity on what was left of the childcare industry, she gave up teaching with the idea that she’d write during her son’s nap time. It was either that or housework. After several years and another son, she sold her first book to Harlequin Romance. Since then, her nearly fifty books have been published in twenty-six languages. She’s a three-time RWA RITA® award finalist and the recipient of several awards from RT Book Reviews, but is most proud of the notes from readers saying her stories made them laugh.

When she’s not writing, Heather collects vintage costume jewelry, enjoys watching fireworks, and kills plants. She still avoids housework even though she thinks up her best plots while vacuuming.


Author Photo:  Heather Purvis Photography