Never Say Never

Never Say Never

Imprint: Temptation
Publisher: Harlequin Temptation
Publication Year: June 2005
ISBN: 9780373692255
A sexy workaholic on an enforced vacation. A free-spirited waitress determined to shake him up. Can these two ever make it work?

One of the last 4 Harlequin Temptations published. All four books that month are connected, yet each story stands alone.

Winner CataRomance Best Temptation of the Year


When old Henry Bartholomew leaves waitress Tess Applegate a bagful of money as a tip, she figures there has to be a catch. And there is – a six-foot-two gorgeous one!

Henry’s nephew Evan Bartholomew needs to chill out – and his uncle thinks some time spent with Tess might help him take it easy and discover what really matters.

Too bad the things Tess would like to do with Evan would leave him anything but relaxed. Still, taking it easy – slow and easy, that is – might just be what the doctor ordered…

Never Say Never was an absolutely adorable book. It was funny and sweet and throughout the entire book the sexual tension builds and builds and builds. I love the differences in Evan and Tess, the banter between them and the sassiness of Tess. As with the other three books that end the Temptation line, this one embodies the spirit that Temptation has been; fun, sassy and just a little bit naughty. Great job Ms. MacAllister.
—Missy, Fallen Angel Reviews


The last four Temptation authors.  From left:  Leslie Kelley, Wendy Etherington, Kristin Gabriel, and Heather

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