Tall, Dark & Reckless

Tall, Dark & Reckless

Imprint: Blaze
Publisher: Harlequin Blaze
Publication Year: July 2012
ISBN: 9780373796991
To prove her theories, a compatibility expert must find a work partner for a daredevil foreign correspondent.
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”All a girl really wants is for one guy to prove to her that they are not all the same.”
–Marilyn Monroe

Compatibility expert Penelope ”Piper” Scott, aka the Dating Doc, is ordered to find a work partner for Mark Banning, a foreign journalist who’ll take any risk in pursuing a story. Mark doesn’t want a partner–either personal or professional–but his daredevil impulsiveness has become an expensive liability. Their mutual boss believes working with a female partner will make Mark more cautious. Mark tells Piper to find someone who’ll stay out of his way.

Oh, great. He’s the charismatic, dictatorial type–Piper’s least favorite. It should be easy to find him a partner–just pick a woman who’s her exact opposite. But the infuriating man rejects all her candidates. Is he being contrary or has she mistyped him? With the deadline for his next assignment approaching, Piper insists on spending time with Mark so she can get to know him better. She never expects to end up in his bed–or to want to stay there. Mark may not be Piper’s type, but could he be her perfect man?

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