Temporary Texan

Temporary Texan

Imprints: Heather Allison, Romance
Publisher: Harlequin Romance
Publication Year: July 1996
ISBN: 9781459277397
A city-girl, country-boy romance on an ostrich ranch.
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Claire Bellingham was allergic to Texas. Of that she was sure. She was a city girl born and bred. Unfortunately, to fulfill the requirements of her grandfather’s will, she found herself having to stay deep in the heart of the state, which was where she’d met Seth Montgomery.

Tall, lean and too darned attractive for his own good, Seth was a man of few words, and, to Claire, all of them seemed like an invitation. Perhaps the state had something to recommend itself after all?

But Claire was only a temporary Texan: she was a fashion designer, not a rancher. After a year she had every intention of heading off into the sunset…didn’t she?

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