99¢ on the 9th

Counterfeit Cowgirl99¢ on the 9th is early this month so I can participate in the 20-author, multi-genre sale going on today.  (Links are in yesterday’s post) That means COUNTERFEIT COWGIRL will be 99¢ until April 10th.  The story is one of my favorites.  In order to please a sponsor, Olivia, a soap opera actress, is forced to film scenes and “volunteer” at a Texas ranch for wayward boys.  If she refuses, well, then, her character might just get kicked in the head by a horse and lapse into a coma.  In other words, written out.  And it’s contract negotiation time, too.  Lucas, the rancher, doesn’t want her or the film crew there, either, but he can’t afford to turn down the money they’ll pay him.  It’s a toss up whether Olivia can survive the ranch or the ranch can survive Olivia.

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