Lone Star Santa

Lone Star Santa

Imprint: American
Publisher: Harlequin American
Publication Year: November 2006
ISBN: 9780373751426
An accountant and a failed actress play PI at Christmas. Yes, this is the book with a love scene inside a giant Santa Claus float.

Joey Award from eharlequin readers for Funniest Book of the Year
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Joey awardKristen Zaleski is home for the holidays…indefinitely. Her acting career hasn’t taken off—in fact, it hasn’t gone anywhere. So now she’s spending her days helping out at her dad’s P.I. office. Until Mitch Donner comes by and lights up her life. Sort of…

Mitch is back at his parents’ place, too. As a successful accountant who’d been set up to take the fall in a money-laundering scheme, Mitch isn’t quite sure what to do. So he takes a job installing Christmas lights…and gets an early present when he runs into Kristen. Especially when she offers her newly acquired P.I. skills to help him get his life back.

Working together, they plot an elaborate sting operation, one that will take a miracle to pull off. Then again, anything is possible at Christmas—especially if it involves mistletoe!

Lone Star Smash!

When Kristen Zaleski is offered an exotic dancing job, she realizes her acting career is not only over, it’s never even started. With barely enough money for a bus ticket, she returns home to Sugar Land, Texas.

Mitch Donner is home, too. He’s been locked out of his financial services firm, his home and accounts by the FBI. As he waits for them to realize their mistake, he returns to Sugar Land, too.

Kristen takes a job working at her dad’s PI business where she discovers a talent for sleuthing. Mitch fills the time by installing Christmas lights. When he asks for a date, it’s only natural she employ her newly minted investigative talents to check him out.

What she discovers sets the stage for a marvelous romp where Kristin will use all her acting and investigative talents to help Mitch get his life back. And, as they delve deeper into the mystery and expose the culprit, Mitch learns that of all the investments he’s made, the one he’s making in Kristen is the most important.

This is an absolutely marvelous book. Kristen is funny, quirky and original, the perfect counterfoil to Mitch’s straight-man, accountant persona. Herather MacAllister’s touch is so light, so unfailing amusing that you find yourself delightedly zipping through the book only to remember and reflect on its more serious aspects later.

———Fleury M. Sommers

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