Long Southern Nights

Long Southern Nights

Imprint: Temptation
Publisher: Harlequin Temptation
Publication Year: September 1997
ISBN: 9780373257560
An impoverished Southern Belle gives etiquette lessons to a group of engineers who have to impress visiting Japanese businessmen.

Note from Heather: This is an example of a good book with a bad cover and unfortunate publishing timing. It was released the week Diana, Princess of Wales died.
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The days were long…
Kyle Stuart was on the brink of disaster! His company was crumbling, his employees were planning a mutiny and he was shunned from polite society in Jeffersonville, Georgia, simply because he was born north of the Mason-Dixon line. Only one person could help him—bright, gorgeous, my-family-hates-Yankees Maggie Jefferson.


But the nights were longer!
For Maggie, falling for sexy-as-sin Kyle Stuart was as good as consorting with the enemy. But the steamy nights she spent in Kyle’s arms were definitely worth the risk. Little did Maggie know that her eccentric relations were planning on saving her—from herself…and the family fertility curse! After all, history proved there wasn’t a Jefferson woman alive who could resist a blue-eyed Yankee….


From Library Journal
Recently “downsized” corporate trainer Maggie Jefferson needs money to support her elderly genteel Southern family; Yankee computer company owner Kyle Stuart needs someone who can teach his brilliant but socially challenged executives proper etiquette. It is a perfect match?except for Maggie’s aristocratic grandmother and her grudge against Kyle and all he represents. A sensual, well-written story that focuses on intergenerational and cultural conflicts and what it takes to resolve the differences. MacAllister (Bride Overboard, Harlequin, 1997) provides a nice sense of place, and the Jefferson “ladies” are especially well done.
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