The Motherhood Campaign

The Motherhood Campaign

Imprint: Romance
Publisher: Harlequin Romance
Publication Year: November 2000
Freddie's finally ready to have a baby, but has her husband changed his mind?

Book #2 of the Project Pregnancy series


Amazon review:

PROJECT: PREGNANCY or how to vamp your husband.

Fredricka Welles Loren, also known as Mrs. Hunter Cole couldn’t believe it has been five months since her last luncheon date with her husband. Oh, the complications.

Hunter has problems with Freddie’s father interfering and she still trying to prove her worth as a lawyer [to daddy]. The antics and resolutions as they begin to communicate make for a lively and very heart warming story.

I can’t believe women would risk their marriages for a career if they love their spouse. Freddie finally realizes that daddy will not make her a partner and decides to quit and almost blows her marriage. This is truly an emotion packed resolving of a couples noncommunication and a triumph of love. Her friend, Emily certainly adds to the intriguing story.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED — Love the cover guy! —-M. Hartmann

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