Princess Charming

Princess Charming

Imprint: eBooks
Publisher: original ebook
Publication Year: 2012
When the uncouth behavior of his engineers offends a potential client, the owner of a computer company enrolls them in a charm school run by an impoverished Southern belle.
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Available for the first time–the original version of Long Southern Nights

The problem with having a town named after your great-great grandfather is that everyone automatically believes that fame and wealth go hand in hand. There might be wealth in the town of Jeffersonville, Georgia, but it isn’t in the hands of the Jefferson family. And Maggie Jefferson has been fruitlessly trying to correct the situation ever since she discovered the genteel way of life enjoyed by her mother, grandmother, and great aunt, the famous Jefferson Jewels, was threatened by a lack of funds. She needs a job–but no one expects to have to pay her. What do they expect her to live on–her charm?

With that thought, Maggie opens the Jefferson School of Charm. Her first client is Kyle Stuart, owner of the much-reviled Stuart Computers, housed in a shiny-new building the Jewels consider an eyesore. He wants Maggie to prepare his engineers for a visit by a Japanese client. Their unpolished behavior has already strained the business relationship and it’s one Kyle must keep or his company will go bankrupt. The Jewels would like nothing more than to see the end of Stuart Computers, but Maggie needs his business to save her family and she needs Kyle to save herself.

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