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What Color Are Your Christmas Lights?




There are two kinds of people in the world--white light people and multi-colored light people. Okay and maybe those who decorate with a single, non-white color. I'm going to include them with the colored light people because I think they secretly want to be colored light people, but are intimidated by the trash talk from the white light people who claim decorating with white lights is classier than using multi-colored lights. Piffle, I say. Yes, twinkly fairy lights are pretty, but I can see them any time I drive past a restaurant with a patio. What's special about that? For Christmas, bring on the color. Yes, I am a multi-colored Christmas light person. Not only that, but my tree lights twinkle. Individually. At night, I like to stare at the random shadows the lights make on the ceiling. If it's really quiet, I can hear a faint plinking sound as the bimetallic strips flex in the bulbs. To me, that's the sound of Christmas.

Which is it for you--white lights or colored lights?

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Special Holiday Sale!


The Kindle edition of DECK THE HALLS
is on sale for $1.99
now through November 28th

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Christmas Cookies!

christmas_cookies_smI blog on the Blaze Authors Blog on the 7th of every month and today, I'm talking cookies.

The weather has finally turned cold just in time to bake Christmas cookies this weekend. I'll be making Gingersnaps using the Joy of Cooking's recipe, and Scottish Shortbread which is butter, rice flour, regular flour, and sugar. I also like Forgotten Cookies. These are a meringue with chocolate chips that you drop onto a cookie sheet, put them in a pre-heated oven, and then turn it off and forget about them until the next morning. Then I'll convince myself that during the past year I've miraculously acquired the talent for cut-out sugar cookies and end up with angels with droopy wings and mutant reindeer.  Of course, then I get to eat warm droopy-winged angels and mutant reindeer.
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